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Where Reputation is Everything



At Corporate Insurance Brokers we are very service-driven to secure the most competitive premiums without forfeiting the broadest coverage for (you) our clients. We achieve this through:

  1. A proactive relationship of trust with you
  2. Our expert negotiating skills with our underwriters
  3. Listening to you, to really understand every aspect of your business
  4. Our highly trained and qualified broking team
  5. Our excellent reputation within the industry
  6. Our attention to detail
  7. Our focus on the protection of your assets for your peace of mind, by arranging the correct covers and discussing effective risk management strategies with you.



BUSINESS & OFFICE INSURANCE Childcare Services Construction & Contract WorksCONTRACT CARERS

We Work For You

As our name suggests, we are focused on the corporate sector. Firms of all sizes and across all spheres comprise our clientele.

Our Childcare Services Scheme has been developed to offer Childcare Service Providers a comprehensive package tailored to meet your needs. Does your current insurance cover you against allegations of Molestation, Sexual Abuse or Transmissible Diseases??? If you answered NO, dont delay, contact us today as your business is exposed. Our simple online quote/application form enables you to quickly obtain a quote << Click Here for more information >>

Realising the growing market of Sole Traders and Small Business Trades we have just launched a new specialised scheme tailored to the needs of all Trades people, whether you are a plasterer, brickie, plumber, cleaner, domestic handy man, lawn & garden care specialist or a mechanic. Combined Liability, Tax Audit, Commercial Motor Vehicle and Personal Accident insurance - all on 1 simple Online quote form. <<Click Here for more information >>